Shop – About African Abundance

As a proud Ghanaian and an advocate for natural products I have been blessed to visit my homeland every year in order to source natural beauty products, complimented fabrics and adornments to bring to you. Our products are ethically sourced from villages and local families within the regions of Ghana in order to sustain traditions and community upliftment.

A village in Tamale is visited every year to source quantities of raw Shea Butter to bring back to the UK. The butter is used to make our Shea Body Smothers which are blended with natural base oils and selective essential oils due to their ancient healing and antioxidant properties to create the ultimate hair and body daily moisturizer for men and women. So why not try our Eboni Bars which are made with a selection of hand blended ingredients infused with natures fruits or herbs for that unique aroma to use on hair or body.

For those of you who know me I love to wear Head Wraps and you can too, so whilst travelling around the markets in Accra and Kumasi I choose from a vast selection of hand wax print material stamped with Adinkra symbols to complement attire. Come to our Head Wrap workshops to gain some inspirational styles. Adinkra means farewell in the Akan language.

A very talented taylor called Mr Adongo creates our customized bags with bright and bold batik fabric with that touch of leather for the exclusive look. Choose from our Motherland Collection of a unique array of hand crafted Jewellery using wood and natural fabric by local craftsmen and women.

As Empresses and Kings it is vital to stay in touch with our cultural wealth which you are able to obtain from the African Abundance Shop

PEMPAMSIE, 102 Brixton Road, London SW1 1AH. Contact: 020 8671 0800 (Shea Body Smothers)